Tips to Social Media Content

This is the optimal frequency for tips to social media content:

•    Facebook: up to 2x a day and 5-10x a week
•    Twitter: 5x a day or more
•    LinkedIn: 1x per day and 20x per month
•    Google+: up to 3x a day
•    Pinterest: 5x a day or more
•    Instagram: 1-2x a day or more

It’s for frequency, it’s time … rush hour or empty hour, which one is more optimal?

Not that easy. If we write during peak hours, then our content will be quickly covered by others. Finally not seen.

social media management

While in the empty hours only a few people are active in social media platform definition.

The answer varies depending on who your target is. It’s the best time to tweet to get the most number of clicks, based on Buffer:

The optimal time to tweet

There is no specific research for Indonesia, but at least this can be used as a reference.
For Facebook, you can see directly from the Page that you have. As an example of this for Page GuideIM on


From the picture above, it turns out the most frequent GuideIMIM online at 9 pm. Because it’s the best time to make a post about 0-2 hours earlier.

Again, this number varies depending on the demography. Therefore, we recommend that you check the optimal time of your post.

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