How To Create Best Content For Social Media?

How To Create Best Content For social media management company? Based on an analysis conducted by OKDork and BuzzSumo on 100 million articles, it turns out that who get the most share is that can evoke feelings.

This is the feeling that gets the most share: Popular-Emotions

what is social media

The highest feeling is:

  • Awe (awe)
  • Laughter (funny, laugh)
  • Amusement (entertainment)
  • Joy (happy)
  • Anger (angry)
  • Empathy (empathy)

The best post type is a link to the list article (post list) that included photos and can generate awe. Ideally like that. But in practice, you should combine yourself. Because not all industries, target markets, and demographics have the same interests.

Frequency and time of posting. As mentioned earlier, the optimal frequency for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is different. There are better if many, there is also a better not too much.

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